1985 Foundation of ALFHA-Elektroanlagen GmbH & Co by the Electrical engineering master technician Alfons Habbel, aged 25 at that time, and his wife Rita Habbel.

1990 Construction of the company building in Finnentrop-Fretter

1996 Foundation of the IT department:
After the sporadic development of computer programs during the previous years, now there are two employees officially in charge of this task.

1999 First development of a computer-aided, full-graphic and dynamic process control and visualisation system for a saw line

2004 Development of an own wane detection system and a three-dimensional measuring for logs and blocks

2005 Achim Habbel, son of the founder of ALFHA, takes over participation in the company and becomes another manager.

Change of the corporate name ALFHA GmbH & Co. KG by adding "Automation & Industrial IT" to come up to both the modified and expanded scope of services and the international clientele.

Adoption of the new corporate identity (logo etc.)

2006 Employment of 30 employees

2008 Employment of 36 full time employees including 8 trainees

2008 Move to the new company bulding,
big opening ceremony with over 250 guests on October 24th, 2008
ALFHA - Intelligenz für Ihre Maschine