• The family business ALFHA concentrates consequently on systems, solutions and services for the sawing and timber industries.
  • The pursuit of a long-term and trustful cooperation with our customers takes centre stage. At the same time ALFHA sees itself as partner of engine builders as well as sawing and woodworking companies.
  • ALFHA ensures its efficiency by developing intelligent, individual and innovative solutions which aim at increasing the customer’s added value and efficiency.
  • As well as with its customers, ALFHA aims at a long-term and trustful cooperation with its employees, distributors, banks and consultants.
  • The efficiency of our company results from the high competence and motivation of the employees. Therefore ALFHA takes its social responsibility seriously and sees more in its employees than manpower. Paired with an intensive training the company ensures its efficiency and success.
  • For this purpose permanent effort in the range of research and development is necessary. For ALFHA, innovation does not superficially mean the use of the latest technologies but mainly the realisation of ideas to arise the added value with the smallest possible complexity as well as solid engineering.
  • ALFHA regards its place of business in rural environment as an opportunity, for down-home employees and the closeness to its main resource wood are indispensable on the target market.
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