You can’t sleep anymore when you think of that old control system of your edger? It's impossible to get spare parts for it? But you don’t want to renew your whole edger because the mechanics are still okay?

Then ALFHA has a module-based and budget-adjusted solution for you: ALFHA EDGER

Your advantages:
  • more performance
  • better added value
  • higher availability

Product characteristics:
  • Different possibilities for measurement:
  • Lengthwise:
    - ALFHA EXACT WANE RULER 3D camera-laser-measurement
  • Queer:
    - ALFHA EXACT WANE 4EDGES diagonal shining-through light measurement from above and below
    - ALFHA EXACT WANE DISTANCE distance-laser with different raster
    - ALFHA EXACT WANE RULER 3D camera-laser-measurement
  • Software for analysis of the measurement data and optimization with a high speed algorithm as well as a user-friendly and clear definition dialogs for articles and qualities
  • PLC hard- and software to control the machine
  • optional: renewal of the machine positioning
  • optional: renewal of control cabinets and control panels
  • Of course with the whole ALFHA service: disassembly, rebuilding, electric installation, commissioning and support

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