ALFHA Sort & Stack B

Product characteristics:
  • Power electronics, control cabinets
  • Intuitively operated consoles with engraved plant logo
  • PLC hard- and software for the complete construction, evaluation/measurement, stacking, strapping machines etc.
  • Inexpensive solution for the management of articles and boxes with the help of control panels
  • Alternative: Comfortably operated computer-aided process guidance and visualisation system with manifold and flexible possibilities to manage articles, packet and sorting charts etc.
  • Computer controlled process visualisation with a concise box state and indication of the actuator’s and sensor’s states
  • Module for the management of articles and sorting charts in the office
    - wane detection with different possibilities of measurement
    - queer and lengthwise!
  • Interfaces to numerous measurement and evaluation systems of third party providers
  • Interfaces to merchandise management systems

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